About me

As a journalist with nearly five years of experience, my works have been published in different news outlets in my home country, Haiti, as well as international media like Radio-Canada Information, La Presse.Ca, and VOA


In 2018, I co-founded a multimedia platform named Enfo Sitwayen, dedicated to civic education and practical information about the public process. This project received generous funding from Fokal, French, and Switzerland embassies. I also serve as a coordinator for Educ-Group, a nonprofit organization that provides afterschool programs for young people in my hometown, Petit-Goave. 


I was named in the 2018 Ticket Magazine annual list of outstanding young people. My reporting on the green project converting vehicles to propane received a special mention from the jury of Prix du Journaliste Haïtien 2016, held by the International Organization of la Francophonie. 


In 2019, I was granted the prestigious Fulbright scholarship, set by the US government, that enabled me to pursue a master's degree in journalism at the University of Arkansas, focusing on documentary filmmaking. I also hold a bachelor's degree in business management and studied social communication at the Université d'Etat d'Haïti.